Like the Gundicha Jatra, when the three deities visit to their Aunt, Gundicha’s house, known as the Gundicha temple (Radhamohan temple at Baripada), the Bahuda jatra when the deities come back to their own temple (Shri Shri Haribaladevjew temple) also completes in 2 days. In the 1st day, the Nandighosha chariot of Lord Shri Jagannatha reaches its destination i.e. the Haribaladev jew temple. But the Darpadalana chariot of Devi Subhadra, being pulled exclusively by the ladies completes its journey to the destination in the 2nd day. In the 1st day, it stops in front of the Town Police station and resumes its journey to the main temple in the 2nd day, again pulled exclusively by the female devotees. The history about this exemplary tradition can be read here.

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