Rathyatra-2018 | Making process

Making of the Parswa devata (Side-deities), placed at the sides of the Chariots

The 3 chariots at the Bada danda (Grand road), under their final touch of construction by the Mahranas (Carpenters)

A Maharana (Carpenter) is busy in making the chariots

The sacred Wheel of the Chariot

The Parswa devata (side-deities) of the Chariot

The 3 chariots are in their Final stage of construction

The Chariot

A Maharana (carpenter) is working on a chariot

A sculpture, ready to be used in the chariot

The Stair-case of the Chariot

Silpi (Artist), named Robin Mahapatra, coloring the idols

Side view of a Chariot

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